If you’re looking for a place to go be lovely inside and out you want to go with the marketplace restaurant where they are offering the Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst service and experience. There’s no restaurant like it for their offering you great food selection as well as tasty clove tea. So if you have a sweet tooth this is also the place for dessert. It’s a great five-star experience. The food is amazing as well as the service. And you want to go back to support this locally owned business versus going to any of those popular food chains again. So feel free to reach out not available learn more about what it is that makes us so special. We are Pro America and we are Pro five star service. No one does it better than the marketplace restaurant.

The Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst has everything you need and obviously we want to make sure that were always offering you five star service. The service is outstanding. You can’t get better than the marketplace restaurant. And easily can have food that comes out to within five minutes else offering you fast service. That obviously we also want you to stay as long as you want. We are glad that people find us as well as enjoy the experience with us. A nice little hideaway restaurant with great service as well as great food for the offering you baking clubs as well as delicious dispatch of soup and other delicious items.

The Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst comes from the marketplace restaurant. Absolutely fantastic. The place is amazing from the service, to the food, to the variety of menu items that they offer. Even if you have picky children or grandkids is so be a place that they even love. In some your favorites including the chicken salad or even the bacon and brie with jalapeno blueberry jam on a croissant will always be your one place to go. Has this is a company that offers you a great atmosphere that’s both lovely inside and out. So come on in and be greeted with a smile. Also make sure that were always offering fresh and delicious food kind of like the farm to table style.

If you want to know whether or not our food is delicious and fresh come on in and find out for yourself. You will love the chicken salad as well as their fresh and crispy croissant. Also for offer you a delicious soup of the day either in a bowl or in a cup. And also make their special house mustard as well as herb butter. You need to tell everyone you know about the marketplace restaurant. Located at 246 Olmstead Blvd. in Pinehurst North Carolina. So contactor team not learn more about what it is that the connection to the registers that unlike in ever seen. Now obviously if the best food with the best ambience as well staff. In the many selections are absolutely perfect.

You will fall in love with the tuna salad sandwich and the gazpacho. Everything that’s on the menus always delicious as well as there always trying to come up with new things that people will also love. Seeking always come in here with your friends family coworkers or even your grandkids on a Saturday. Open Monday through Saturday from 730 in the morning to 230 in the afternoon. So, by to the marketplace restaurant today. Call 910-295-1160 or go to www.themprestaurant.com.

Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst | the Best Place in Town

The Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst is going to be the marketplace restaurant. This is obviously the best place in town. Now for family atmosphere as well as delicious food. And also another great things that they actually love America. If it is amazing first of all. That obviously and make sure he able to actually support a business that stands for helping people in the community. What we do here at the marketplace restaurant is absolutely perfect. The place is very yummy and delicious. And everything is made fresh and tasty. The nicest people are there to greet you and care for you. The great breakfast and everything above.

The Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst always goes above and beyond to make sure that every single person gets great food, service and dessert. Even offer you outdoor patio seating. Ask about our Rubens and chicken salad. Want to try one thing you’ll be addicted to it. Also to recommend you a great spot for breakfast or lunch. And that would be right here at the marketplace restaurant. This is great place to go for individual lunches or place to go to be able to get food by the pound to serve to guests at home or even just be able to have it available to you.

The Best Lunch Dining Pinehurst by the name of marketplace restaurant would also like to be able to offer you roast beef that’s fresh as well as a croissant that is soft and flaky. Also ask us about our scratch made chocolate chip cookies. And obviously make sure that our combinations of soup and sandwiches are always can be selling. Even a quiche that we offer is probably the best you’ll ever eat in your life. So come on into her cute and quaint atmosphere here at the marketplace restaurant.

We obviously know what were doing here at the marketplace restaurant. It’s the favorite of many people across Pinehurst and more North Carolina. Everybody there superfamily. And you will never have an empty glass. It’s a must try for anyone new to the area. There always friendly as well as very delectable. And the coffee is their own blend and it’s perfect to have that afternoon boost. Contact us today if you want able to have the best chicken salad as well as iced tea in town. They also offered delicious seasonal soups and great service. You can never ask for more at the marketplace restaurant.

If you’re coming in from out of town anyone to stop in for a place to get breakfast or lunch then stop on by to the marketplace restaurant. Everything that they have on the menu is awesome and there always coming up with something new. This place is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful. Staff is extremely friendly as was personable. Great place to relax as well as enjoy a great place for business lunch or just a lunch with family and friends. So if you have any questions about delivery or how you can actually get tuna or chicken salad by the pound call 910-295-1160 or go to www.themprestaurant.com.