If you are from out of town then you need to be able to at least experience the Lunch Dining Pinehurst service and restaurant by the name of the marketplace restaurant. We can Ashley come in be able to get five-star services. Our actual restaurant is located at 246 Homestead Blvd. in Pinehurst, NC 28374. And obviously the person who owns it is offering delicious menus as well as delicious beverage menus as well. Everything on the on the menu is awesome. And obviously will make sure that were able to reward first-time customers by offering a lunch for five dollars as a first-time customer. Even if you’re new to the area or just simply passing through the one place you want to try for breakfast and lunch to be the marketplace restaurant.

The Lunch Dining Pinehurst experiences unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Whether looking for a cream of potato with dill pickle soup of the day or even a brie and bacon sandwich is your favorite lunch spot. It’s fresh delicious food that’s clean as was excellent service. And now Masumi sure that able to out actually provide you with Farm fresh food as well something truly delicious. Sitting on the cell. This is a great opportunity be able to get some delicious food. Also provide catering and delivery. What could be better.

The Lunch Dining Pinehurst from other market place restaurant offers a great experience as well as the chance to always be able to be a part of something because the marketplace is not just a sandwich. And obviously will make sure that are raising able to write you whatever it is you want as well as being able to budget place where we treat you like family. Because business is booming. So while the show you how truly blessed we are by offering you great foods sandwiches soups and so much more. Not just a sandwich at the marketplace it’s also great view and so much more. When you come to the marketplace you never can have a bad experience. The staff is always top tier and the food is absolutely mouthwatering. Both for breakfast and lunch this is the place to go. They also provide you take out option as well as delivery. So if you have office luncheons or maybe even wanting to have a place to go for birthday lunch this is the place to go.

And we also have food trucks that we can have at your events as well as even offering you event rental space. Because every time you order the food it’s always correct and consistent always offering five star quality. Can always tell that every single member of the team truly cares about service and quality and the owner always wants make sure that able to showcase fresh ingredients from the area. And they also have great outdoor dining and seating areas. In your favorite thing can either be the bacon and brie sandwich or the chicken salad on croissant or roast beef with brie.

Support this locally owned business and you will not be disappointed. So call the marketplace now and be able to see Sally how to be able to find them. Suggested call 910-295-1160 or go to www.themprestaurant.com now to support the marketplace. They truly are the best at what they do and they want to make sure that you are never disappointed when you come in.

Lunch Dining Pinehurst | Perfect Place for Lunch

If you are in search for the perfect place for lunch whether you are a resident or you are just passing through then you want to be able to experience the marketplace restaurant and there Lunch Dining Pinehurst. Selling better than us right here at the marketplace me obviously limited able to make the service and even then out a spot we can execute them able to bring your friends and family or maybe even your office staff. But if you want something truly delicious you might want to be able to try our wristed red pepper with smoked Gouda. That’s the delicious and also mouthwatering. But don’t forget we also deliver and we also have an our app they can actually have available to you. So we have delivery available Monday through Saturday here at the marketplace. So reach out today to be little more about what you to be able to help you fill out a contact page and also to see some of the great promotions and deals that we have for customers like yourself.

The Lunch Dining Pinehurst has everything you need and obviously make sure that were doing so is providing the first lunch and if you’re first-time customer get your first lunch for only five dollars. Where it could be the soft pretzel with cheese pimento get in more. Get your mouthwatering get is tastebuds going and try our baked potato loaded soup of the day as well. Also have our services and also brownies and delicious chocolate peanut butter poundcake as well as. So if you want this to be able to have delivered or even be able to pick it up and go and contact us now and also ask us about our lemon poundcake. Add to everything that we offer here’s delicious.

The Lunch Dining Pinehurst experiences all to be found right here at the marketplace restaurant. It’s not just a sandwich. Were offering our coffee, latte, smoothies and more and we also have our marketplace blend coffee that is highly addictive. So we always make sure that what experience your able to have here at the marketplace restaurant is always offering everything you need. So if you also need to gets merchandise including hats or even a T-shirt to mark the occasion contactor team because we have definitely mastered the five cheese pimento cheese sandwich and giving it a new twist. You cannot be able to learn more about our Strawberry shortcake with grannies poundcake and more.

But also would love for you to stop on in and be able to get a wristed pepper soup as well as finish it off with a nice carrot cake. So if you want to know more about the marketplace restaurant or maybe even looking to know more about our bacon and brie with blackberry jalapeno jam sandwich then this is the place to go. It will get your mouthwatering annual definitely be addicted. She Chancey said what we can do able to help or maybe even will be delivered to provide you are dill pickle soup of the day and everything that you need. We also have our amazing be delicious and flavorful marketplace dispatcher.

So call the marketplace to be able to discover exactly what catering might include as well as just come on in and stop and spirit get delicious poundcake or even our loaded broccoli and cheddar soup of the day. Call 910-295-1160 or go to www.themprestaurant.com now to discover what we have to help you get a full belly.