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Call the market place restaurant to ask us about event rental, catering or delivery as well as come into be able to get a delicious bowl of soup for a cold fall day. The number is 910-295-1160 you can also visit us at the website

Lunch Dining Pinehurst | Bacon and Brie Sandwich

That bacon and brie sandwich is added to the menu here at the marketplace restaurant and providing a Lunch Dining Pinehurst experience like none other. Come check out the updated menu as well as the able to see the menu on the website. There you’ll be able to see some of the deliciousness that were providing as was obligated able to get your mouthwatering. Now they speak and also enter to win a $50 gift card as well as being able to like S and follow us on her social media. Customer obviously in vivid I do service that able to offer you an access to a gorgeous patio as well as a great location. Obviously when make sure that all first-time customers can actually get their first lunch with us for only five dollars. If you’re looking for a main entrée or maybe even a smoothie and get back on the road contact us or come into ours restaurant.

The Lunch Dining Pinehurst has everything you need obviously to make sure that what were doing so is to be able to offer something delicious. Such as are Reese’s rice recipes. It is nothing more delicious and there’s nothing more mouthwatering than that.’s contest now is able to get something as well as being to have someone who’s able to write you both delicious food as well even merchandise including hats and T-shirts. That better than that we also have delicious soups of the game as well as our bacon and brie sandwich. But of course it’s not just a sandwich. Stay tuned to be able to view our scratch made a chocolate chip cookies and restaurant now.

The Lunch Dining Pinehurst my do all that you need and obviously make sure that you can ask he smell them fresh out of the oven and the addicted and and still be craving them long after you left the restaurant. So you’ll find the be able to get to lunch at this beautiful and charming café and also offering delicious food and friendly staff. There’s no one better for this and Lammas in make sure they were not be whatever it is you need. So come in and try an assortment of coffees and lattes and even smoothies. Is offering you are marketplace blend that will definitely get your motor running.

So contact is now here at the marketplace restaurant open Monday through Saturday from 730 in the morning to turn to 30 p.m. in the afternoon Monday to Friday and then Saturday until 2 PM. So if you want to be able to have beautiful atmosphere as well as just great people that actually know your name earn a free lunch and be able to get a free review as well. So if you want more permission about our services or at least one to know more about what separates us from other restaurants in Pinehurst come in and see for yourself.

And you’ll definitely drool over the soft pretzel and her butter with warm five cheese pimento dip. Come in and try that as was the bacon and brie sandwich that’s on our menu. The menus consistently changing but still offering your favorites. Call 910-295-1160 or visit us online here at