It’s about time he actually have Places to Eat Pinehurst but also supply you with more to take home. And right here with the marketplace restaurant we deliver and we can provide you chicken salad or even tuna salad by the pound. It’s $11 per pound but we offer is absolutely delicious and you obviously want to be able to take some home or even just be able to have some be able to serve to a number of family members. We also offer you shrimp salad that’s $11 by the pound and also offer our five cheese pimento with a kick. Also can provide you coleslaw on either incises like 8 ounces or 12 ounce. Whatever it is you want to make sure that were always a be able to write you whatever it is you need to make sure that your lunch or your dinners are obvious again able to have a delicious component.

The Places to Eat Pinehurst that are going out of the way to overdeliver for client is can be none other than the marketplace restaurant. There definitely number one in their area and it will make sure that whether you’re looking for their special spiced tea or even their soups which come by the court or by the gallon it’s all me to order. We have it we are also available available for private events. And don’t forget that we also do catering as well here at the marketplace restaurant. Open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday closed on Sunday. Robin for breakfast and lunch. So, and as often as you want when the wind even us both for breakfast and lunch or you’re just looking for quick sought to be able to get some delivery for your office staff.

The other Places to Eat Pinehurst have nothing on the marketplace restaurant. A true they are remarkable locally owned business that is always providing whatever it is you need with you looking for a scoop of chicken salad or even a free bread or toasted croissant. They’re here to be able to help youth whatever days it whenever does need whether you look for extras and add-ons like a side of fruit or chicken breast. This offer you salmon is an extra at six dollars or even offer you extra brie and exit 2 dollars. Obviously we offering you a great dessert as well including our marketplace check with cake, specialty desserts, gluten-free desserts, deep dish apple pie with ice cream as well as our New York style cheesecake. And also ask us about our reese’s rice crispies. I’m humanly Hesser appears absolutely delicious and we also serve kids 10 years and under we can serve them with either a cheddar melt or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich served with chips pickle applesauce and keep juice box.

If you want to know more about what it is the remote offer or maybe even take us up on the fact that we have a bacon and brie with blueberry jalapeno jam on a toasted croissant lettuce now able to have with able write you whatever it is you need so if you want something with a kick or maybe even something just a little bit more simple like a smoked turkey breast that’s included with a tomato alfalfa sprouts and also seasoned with our own specially made mustard and special her butter lettuce now. Can actually get a regular size or even a large size.

Because there’s more to take home when you come to the marketplace. But another awesome edition is the fact that if your first-time customer coming into the marketplace restaurant you can execute your first lunch with us for only five dollars. Call 910-295-1160 or visit us online at our website which is

Places to Eat Pinehurst | the Best Option for Lunch

The Places to Eat Pinehurst do not even come close to what you’re able to get here at the marketplace restaurant. This is definitely by far the best option for lunch as well as for breakfast. If you want to look at either one of our lunch or even our breakfast menu you can find it on the website. We also note that we cater and we deliver. So if you don’t actually have time to actually leave the office we have a mobile app take advantage of the able to order and able to have it delivered in no time. So feel free to be able to reach out not to learn more about the possibilities that are included with the marketplace and also how much flexibility there is an order in the us versus going to any other a just national food chain. The time he actually had some Southern comfort style food.

The Places to Eat Pinehurst do not even stand up to what the marketplace restaurant has been able to do. This is a locally owned business and so if you’re looking for a restaurant that’s going able to treat you like friends and family to come on in for lunch or breakfast. Open Monday through Saturday from 730 in the morning to 230 in the afternoon. Now they seem to make sure that were able to say the best face contact us. Neither call to get delivered food or even come on in our visitor website be able take a look at the menus ahead of time. We also can sell you food by the pound as well.

The other Places to Eat Pinehurst are not offering breakfast and lunch. Obviously Arminius consistently evolving and changing and what’s better is that you actually have a place you next to get a mouthwatering and delicious bacon and brie with jalapeno jam served on a croissant. This is F type of sandwich that is not to be missed. So if you need answers to your food questions are one of someone’s able to actually showcase locally owned ingredients as well as local farms in the area then the marketplace restaurant is the place to go. Come on in and try us out.

Is your best option for lunch is going to be none other than the marketplace restaurant. While first-time customers get their first lunch with us for only five dollars. So you get a chicken breast with chutney for five dollars no matter if it’s a large size or the regular size. That comes with a grilled chicken breast with North Carolina made chutney melted Swiss cheese and our own house made mustard. And if you are curious better pimento with kick that is certified cheese spread with their own special spices to kick it into gear as well served up with some lettuce. In get that as your first-time meal for only five dollars.

Call the restaurant today be able to find a more about what the marketplace is up to. And even take advantage of her bacon club smoked turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce and tomato, seasoned with their house mustard as well special her butter. If you want delivery check out our mobile app or call us directly. The number for the marketplace is 910-295-1160 or you can go to